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The stars of the EU flag and the green star of Senegal joined for a smiling future and a 9th Developmnet Goal: Happiness. This is the concept of our solidarity project which has been growing during this 2015 Euroscola contest.

It's being hard but motivating, we have worked a lot in teams, involving our school, our teachers and our families, we have thought locally (Badalona) but also acted globally (Senegal) are of development issues, contributed to reach the 8 Development Goals of the Millennium (and invented a 9th one) and value the use of languages to communicate (Catalan, Spanish, English, French, Finnish, Dutch, Wolof...) and develop our technological skills (blogging, video editing, QR codes, image and music rights, contacting the media...) not to mention the interpersonal ones (collaborating with NGOs, primary schools, creating interactive games...).

Having a good planning was really useful but keeping it flexible was vital so, some stages of our SMILING STARS project overlapped: we could think of the second stage while we were researching for the first stage of EUROSCOLA, we could still organize activities while we were packing, or we could contact media while we were still having new ideas for communicating our solidarity campaign.

We focused on the second Development Goal of the Millennium, EDUCATION, and have developed a campaign to collect school materials, and footballs, clothes and toys for a NGO in Dakar, Senegal, and baby stuff for an orphanage there as well (contributing to the other goals indirectly). We have established a network of contacts and worked together with the rest of the teams. Our teachers have helped us a lot form different subjects (English, French, Arts, Music...) and we can continue with our project volunteering and helping NGOs in our local community. We have also worked with people from the rest of the EU (especially Arja and Erja, visiting teacher and student from Finland, Hoda-former student now studying in The Haag) and exchange visions and share discussions about Europe.

This is a summary of all our hard work this year.
(Color code corresponding to our calendar)

Introduction to EUROSCOLA

Preparing for stage 1: Videos and discussions: Euroscolos 1 and 2 + Games (maps) Chronology EU/Objectives of the millennium

Brainstorming (videos from former years): what can we do? Think global, act local.

Euroscola games and creating our own games: create and use QR codes

Solidarity program: Smiling Stars

Researching NGOs

DESIGN CAMPAIGN: what, who, where, when, why, how.
-Contacting Senegal: choosing projects SPER, Puponnière, CCONG

Our campaign:

-Planning: the 6 w

-Distributing tasks

-Cooperating among groups

 -Advertising the campaign: make videos (stop motions) and posters (informative and interactive), talks to teachers, departments, and students

-Involving the community: students, teachers, parents: bring materials (Aula Oberta helps us with the presentation of boxes)
Creating games helped us revising for the first stage and know more about the EU. We involved all the levels in our school and also the primary school.

Recording was fun but editing was hard! We had many ideas!!

-Humanitarian breakfasts: raise money to buy materials

-Sports event (SI BADALONA worldcup) and videoclip to promote Smiling Stars

-Contacting Europe Direct, MPE and Finnish winners of Euroscola last year

-Producing games for our school (all levels) and primary school (waste of food, objectives)

-Buying materials, accounting, inventory, packing, video messages (French and multilingual)

-Video production: story of Smiling Stars (and EU-cooperation); French intros; Video campaign;

-Video sending presents; two stop-motions (maps and stars).
Buying, Listing and Packing materials and create messages for Senegal. 

-SENEGAL: Going to Dakar! Our teacher takes the materials collected to collaborate with the African NGOs with teenagers of our age who lived in the streets and can now have a home and school tuition.

Feedback, letting people know about the results

-Contacting the media, recording radio inserts, writing posts for the school blog, writing press release, research media

-Europa Direct office visits: volunteering opportunities, Erasmus+, Europass…

Continuity of the project: 
-More clothes, collaborate with local NGOs, Humana, Oxfam, Caritas…

-Creating crafts from Senegal clams: special needs creations 

We know that participating in English means less chances to win but we are very glad of our campaign, we have learned so many things, worked cooperating and helping each other, and the smiling faces we have seen in Senegal, in Badalona and in us carrying out this project is the best reward. Now... alea jacta est! CRITERIA: We think our project is very ORIGINAL, the BLOG is clear and illustrative, we have worked European Union VALUES transversely and directly and the IMPACT and PERFORMANCE of our project has reached local and European communities and has gone beyond our boundaries (in Senegal).  

We didn't believe we were able to do that much, but it has been possible. We now really believe we can improve our world, our dignity and our future.

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